The Cybersecurity Competition Federation, also known as the Federation or CyberFed (NSF Award DUE- 134536), is an association of academic, industry and government organizations with a common interest in supporting cybersecurity competitions and the competitors they serve. Federation members share the common goal of increasing awareness, endorsing ethical standards, building a common understanding of diverse competition tasks, helping those who oversee activities and competitions, and ensuring a developmental pathway of cybersecurity-based activities that support the growth of cybersecurity skill. With a focus on communication and promotion the Federation supports an engaged and thriving ecosystem of cybersecurity competitions and related activities which in turn will rapidly prepare people with widely needed cybersecurity knowledge and skills.

The Federation maintains the autonomy of competition creators, supports their business models, and does not interfere with their sponsorship or funding sources. We support the development of skill at a large scale by bringing cybersecurity competitions under an umbrella organization which will help players of all ages and skill levels learn the how to play the many types of cybersecurity games and identify a point of entry into a continuum of cybersecurity competition experiences. Critical to promoting cybersecurity-based activities the Federation produces and hosts informational videos and documents to elevate cybersecurity competitions to the same trustworthy status of other afterschool programs such as sports, music, scouts etc.